Take It Easy — A Toolkit for Carbondale Businesses

Since January 2022, Carbondale Tourism has been repositioning its mission as a tourism organization and taking steps to develop a destination stewardship strategy that balances tourism management tactics alongside marketing and communications. In the spring of 2022, the Tourism Council of Carbondale (TCC), comprised of tourism business owners (many of whom are residents of the community), convened its committee members to participate in a visioning session to determine how Carbondale should be promoted and positioned as a destination.

Through this and subsequent work sessions, the take it easy campaign was brought to life and is framed as the new mantra for locals and visitors alike. It has a dual meaning, but overall is a call-to-action requesting everyone (visitors and locals) to take care of the environment, the town, and each other — echoing the three pillars of sustainability. Take it easy is also a nod to the Carbondale way of life and our rural town vibe that we cherish.

How can local businesses and organizations help spread the take it easy mantra?

Here’s a few simple steps to get involved:

Be a ‘Take It Easy’ Advocate

Encourage visitors and guests, local friends and neighbors to check out the take it easy and Stewardship Guide on the Carbondale website

  • Content on these pages provides the take it easy mantra and the stewardship guide to respecting our natural environment and public lands

Promote and learn the Take It Easy mantra

  • Download this printable guide to display at your front desk, check-out counter, or hostess station, and to share with your frontline staff

Share on your channels

For questions about the take it easy campaign, please contact Carbondale Tourism’s strategy team: Sarah-Jane Johnson and Derek Schimmel

Take it all in.

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