Carbondale Tourism Pays

A healthy tourism economy is built and supported by Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) such as Carbondale Tourism, the local volunteer tourism council that utilizes lodging tax collected by the Town of Carbondale to develop and manage tourism while providing visitor information on local businesses including Chamber of Commerce members, attractions, and events, as well as providing information on ways to be a responsible visitor.

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the State of Colorado and is the backbone of Carbondale’s local economy providing jobs and supporting the many small businesses in our community. Visitors stimulate the local economy and benefit hotels and lodges, meeting and event facilities, attractions, restaurants, arts organizations, cultural events, outdoor recreation industry businesses, transportation providers, local farmers and countless other businesses. 

Tourism also offers many benefits for Carbondale residents and improves quality of life for the community.

The economic benefits in numbers:

Source: Dean Runyan Associates, Colorado Travel Impacts 2000-2019; Longwoods International, Travel Year 2019


State Tourism Reports

In 1993, Colorado became the only state to eliminate its tourism marketing function, when it cut its $12 million promotion budget to zero. As a result, Colorado’s domestic market share plunged 30 percent within two years, representing a loss of over $1.4 billion in tourism revenue annually. Over time, the revenue loss increased to well over $2 billion yearly. To learn more about the importance of tourism marketing and the direct impact it has on Colorado’s economy, read this special report. PDF File and watch The Story of Colorado Tourism here.

Each year, Longwoods International conducts an overview of Colorado’s travel and tourism market and provides a detailed profile of the state’s visitors for each calendar year. To view annual Longwoods reports, click here

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Dean Runyan Associates annual reports describe the economic impacts of travel to and through Colorado and each of its sixty-four counties, four tourism regions, and eleven districts. To view the most current report, click here

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State-wide Industry Partners

Colorado Association of Destination Management Organizations (CADMO)

Carbondale Tourism is a member of CADMO, the state-wide association for all of Colorado’s destination marketing organizations (DMOs), representing more than 25 towns, cities and regions throughout Colorado, as well as thousands of businesses impacted by tourism.

Tourism Industry Association of Colorado (TIAC)

TIAC is a non-profit association of Colorado tourism-related organizations and associations uniting diverse segments of the industry into one unified voice. Membership includes restaurants, lodging, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), gaming industry, ski industry, outdoor and cultural attractions, river outfitters, campgrounds, and others. TIAC’s objectives are: to be the unifying voice of the Colorado tourism industry; to foster cooperation, communication, and education among tourism-related organizations; to enhance the general understanding of the economic value and contribution of the tourism industry; and, to establish and maintain effective governmental relationships and communications with the Colorado Legislature.

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Jun 7
>Downtown Farmers’ Market
Downtown Farmers’ Market

June 7-Sept 27th


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Jun 10
>Tri for the Sun Triathlon
Tri for the Sun Triathlon

June 10 (Sat)
Carbondale Pool & Sunlight Mtn Resort


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Jun 11
>Mexican Rodeo
Mexican Rodeo

Gus Darien Rodeo


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Jun 11
>Summer Park Concert Series
Summer Park Concert Series


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Jun 16
>Pickleball Tournament
Pickleball Tournament

Roaring Fork Pickleball Association
Trevor Cannon
June 16-18 (Fri-Sun)
YCAB & Darien Courts

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Jun 24
>Festival Las Americas
Festival Las Americas

Club Rotario
Lucy Moncada Arcila


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