Powers Art Center

The Powers Art Center opened on July 7, 2014  in Carbondale, Colorado. The art center is a memorial to the life of John G. Powers and will showcase Jasper Johns’ works on paper. Jasper Johns is considered one of the most influential contemporary artists of the mid- twentieth century.
John G. Powers and his wife, Kimiko Powers, collected a broad array of contemporary artists and were also open to sharing their love of art and appreciation for the power of contemporary art with the public. One such artist that they particularly admired was Jasper Johns. Therefore Powers Art Center will showcase Jasper Johns’ limited edition works on paper. Jasper’s work includes images and objects from popular culture and classical iconography that is known the world over.
“Contemporary art makes people talk and have full conversations about the world around them,” said  Powers when discussing the power of contemporary art and why he began the Powers’ collection in the early 1960s. In honor of his passion and dedication to Jasper Johns creations and the power of art, the Powers Art Center was born. The Center will be focused on  educating young and old students alike with a desire to learn about contemporary art through the lens of Jasper Johns’ pieces.
Visit the Powers Art Center website.