Avalanche Creek Campground


Avalanche Creek Campground is located just 10 minutes south on Highway 133, toward Redstone. Avalanche Creek is picturesque, accessible, and can be great for a quick getaway or the beginning to a long backcountry adventure. Getting there requires crossing a small stream that can be problematic for some cars in the springtime, when runoff is high. Once you’re at the campground, however, the scenery is worth it and the adjacent Avalanche Creek hike is picturesque.

White River National Forest Service: Avalanche Creek Campground


The Avalanche Creek Trail, an easy to moderate hike, is eleven miles round trip. This trail follows the creek up a beautiful rocky-walled valley. Try to go at least as far as Hell Roaring Creek (five miles round trip) to see the creek plummeting down from above in a series of falls.

Cross-Country Skiing

For backcountry trails, cross-country skiers head to Avalanche Creek just off Highway 133. The route is good for both snowshoers and skiers, but no dogs are allowed. The trail follows Avalanche Creek up a beautiful, steep-walled valley; once it enters the wilderness area past Avalanche Campground, you may need to break your own trail.

Please note, out of respect for the wildlife, the Forest Service suggests people stay on the road, and at a distance from the wildlife, as some wildlife are pregnant and territorial.  Again, a reminder that there are no dogs allowed.