Matt Hoogenboom

Matt Hoogenboom is a passionate advocate for outdoor adventure and has been instrumental in driving energy and adventure in Carbondale through his work at Revel Bikes. Matt has deep-rooted family ties to Marble and the Crystal River Valley, and his journey intertwines with the mountainous landscapes and vibrant communities of the region.

Matt started working early on at Slow Groovin’ BBQ in Marble. It was there that he cultivated More recently, he found his calling at Revel Bikes, a company that perfectly aligned with his passion for outdoor pursuits.

At Revel Bikes, everything is engineered and designed in-house, a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. With a team of four engineers, including two dedicated to design and two to quality, Revel Bikes has established itself as a leader in the mountain biking industry. Revel Bikes operates out of their headquarters in Carbondale, and the company has a network of 175 bike shops across all 50 states and 17 countries selling their products, along with a direct-to-consumer model.

Despite the challenges of sourcing local materials, Revel Bikes has made strides in supporting local manufacturing, collaborating with factories in Colorado for prototyping and production. Their flagship technology, the Canfield Balance Formula (CBF), excels in both ascent and descent, making it ideal for the long, technical climbs and classic Rocky Mountain trails that characterize the region.

Beyond their innovative products, Revel Bikes is deeply ingrained in the local community, working closely with organizations like Aspen Ski Co. and the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA). They have contributed to initiatives such as the Crown Royal Mountain Biking Trail in Basalt and have raised funds for organizations like Challenge Aspen and Bridging Bionics, underscoring their commitment to responsible recreation and inclusive outdoor experiences.

Responsible tourism is Revel’s roots. He emphasizes the importance of being stewards of the land and actively participating in trail building and maintenance efforts. With an extensive trail network that can be daunting for newcomers, Hoogenboom advocates for initiatives like Know Before You Go and encourages locals to lend a helping hand to visitors in need. As Matt says, “If you want to ride the trails, you have to be a part of the trail-building process.” 

Matt sees immense potential for growth, particularly in the burgeoning market of path e-bikes. However, he remains steadfast in maintaining Revel Bikes’ core values and ensuring that growth is sustainable and inclusive. Fortunately, Carbondale offers a diverse range of experiences for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels – from beginner-friendly bike paths to expert-level trails like the Face of Red Hill.

Through his work at Revel Bikes, Matt not only promotes outdoor recreation but also fosters a deeper connection between people and the pristine landscapes they inhabit.


Perfect day in Carbondale

  • Coffee at Plosky’s Deli (“though you can’t go wrong with any coffee shop in Carbondale”)
  • Biking, Skiing and floating the river in one day
    • Bike up to the Sopris Trailhead, skin to the top, ski down back to your bike, and bike down to town
  • To satisfy the appetite after, any of the taco trucks will do

Events & Activities

Jul 26
>53rd Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair
53rd Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair

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Jul 27
>Carbondale Clay Center’s Mountain Fair Pottery Throwdown Relay
Carbondale Clay Center’s Mountain Fair Pottery Throwdown Relay

Join us for CCC’s third annual Pottery Throwdown Relay on Saturday at 6pm under the judging tent. Eight teams of four wi...

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Jul 28
>Porcupine Loop Bike Race
Porcupine Loop Bike Race



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Aug 2
>August First Friday
August First Friday


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Aug 10

Sopris Gymkhana Club


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Aug 11
>Summer Park Concert Series
Summer Park Concert Series


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