If you love skateboarding, you don’t want to miss Carbondale’s skatepark, located on the North Face sporting complex on Meadowood Drive. Home to the 2004 Thrasher Carbondale Run, Carbondale’s 13,300 square foot skateboard park is inarguably one of the premier skateparks in the United States, held together with over 700 cubic feet of concrete.
Planted on the edge of town, the skatepark is dwarfed by the 12,953-foot tall Mount Sopris, with magazine crews frequenting the park for photo opportunities. Magazine photographers from as far away as England have traveled to capture the perfect picture for their front page – authorized or not.

An untamed collection of bowls, topped off with an 18-foot full-pipe, and blessed with a never ending combination of lines, this park will challenge you just to drop in. All the bowls flow together and provide endless lines. There are many sweet corners, hips, waterfalls, and lines, it has to be ridden to be truly appreciated. Designed by Grindline, a firm that is skater-owned and operated, this pristine, alpine location offers skateboarding with “lotsa waterfalls and bulging curves, steel copey all around – signature stuff from the Monk/Red crew,” says local skater, Petar Kovacic.

The encapsulated full-pipe is perhaps the main centerpiece of the park. Here you can regularly witness Wrex Cook going upside down, and the rideable outside that Ryan Sheckler kick-flip rolled-in in the rain. Drop in and hit the oververt taco, throwing you into the capsule to record your hit in the pipe, with numerous stickers bragging how high past skaters have reached – perhaps challenging the next wave of skaters to risk their pride. For more information contact the Carbondale Recreation Department.


Events & Activities

Apr 24
>5 Point Film Festival
5 Point Film Festival

April 24-28 (Wed-Sun)

Every year, we come together as an outdoor-loving family to get inspired and motivated. Intim...

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May 3
>Fireball Drop — Carbondale Rotary Club
Fireball Drop — Carbondale Rotary Club

Imagine 1,000 ping pong balls being dropped from a Fire Ladder truck onto targets at Sopris Park in downtown Carbondale! I...

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May 3
>First Friday “Family Block Party” & Pride Parade
First Friday “Family Block Party” & Pride Parade

Come celebrate First Friday on May 3rd, 5-9pm. Stroll Main Street in the heart of Carbondale’s Creative District and enj...

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May 11
>Dandelion Day
Dandelion Day

Annual Dandelion Day festival was started by Carbondale’s Environmental Board. Dandelion Day is a celebration of spring,...

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May 13
>Bike Rodeo
Bike Rodeo


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May 13
>Bonedale Bike Week
Bonedale Bike Week

May 13th-17th
Various Locations around town
Contact Tracy Wilson for more info

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